Weimaraner Training Tips Guide

weimaraner puppy

Here’s a few tips on how to ensure that your Weimaraner is an pleasure to have around,

Socialize thoroughly and from a young age. This Weimaraner’s sensitivity and innate suspicion means that the socialization period of 10 to 16 weeks must be taken full advantage of. Take your Weimaraner to puppy school and see that he meets lots of new people and different breeds and ages of dog . This will help to prevent unwanted aggression at a later date.
Exercise on a daily basis. These are energetic hunting dogs; no walk is too far, and any additional games and play will help to prevent hyperactivity. A ton exercise is a key component of your Weimaraner’s ability to conform with your needs: these dogs are very active, muscular and athletic, and have plentyof energy to burn off. Take your dog hiking, running alongside a bicycle, jogging, or involve him in agility competitions.

This is not a good breed choice for you if you work long hours. Keep in mind the tendency towards separation anxiety, and condition your dog towards it from a young age by leaving him alone for shorter periods of time at first and gradually working up from there. For severe anxiety, your vet may prescribe tranquilisers like Clomicalm. If you feel your dog needs medication, speak to your vet. Happily, most anxiety can be effectively counteracted with plenty of exercise and lots of interaction with you and the family, as well as regular bouts of tussling and playing.

Obedience training to at least the intermediate level is something that you’ll probably both enjoy. Your Weimaraner will enjoy the mental challenge, while you’ll enjoy the opportunity to really bond with your dog. Obedience training is a great way to strengthen trust between owner and dog, and in addition, you’ll end up with a highly trained, obedient dog. You may even want to compete – Weimaraners typically take top honours in obedience classes due to their perceptive, willing-to-please natures and high intelligence.

Weimaraners are playful, intelligent dogs, and will enjoy life that much more if they’re able to play interactively with you. Consider investing in a tennis-ball thrower: this is a great way of playing with your dog, as well as chalking up the necessary miles.

Weimaraners love to play fetch and will retrieve tirelessly for as long as you can throw the ball.