Tibetan Mastiff Tips

tibetan mastiff  puppy

The first two years of your Tibetan Mastiff’s life will a challenge to say the least. They are slow to mature but very smart. The Tibetan Mastiff puppy is very mischievous and can cause quite a lot of damage in your home if left unsupervised or uncrated. Remember, you may have to kennel your dog one day or leave him overnight at the vet’s.

By the time your Tibetan Mastiff is four months old, you should be able to travel with him in a car, walk him on a leash and crate him fairly easily.

Tibetan Mastiffs are not well suited for apartment living because they like to climb and dig and tend to escape from enclosed areas if not properly built for this dog. They require regular exercise but should not be over worked. Due to their strong mindedness, this dog should not be a pet for a first time dog owner.

Recently, Tibetan Mastiff’s have become the “it” dog in China, with one couple paying over half a million dollars for one.