scottish terrier puppy

Like most terriers, the Scottish Terrier has a mind of his own. Unlike his cousins, he is reserved, quite particular in his choice of people, and steadfastly loyal. He or she tolerates rowdy children and many adults quite well; she or he is wary of strangers and is likely to become a one-man or one-woman companion, sensitive to the moods of his chosen master. The Scottish Terrier (or Scottie) barks a lot, and he loves to dig – no fence will hold him if he’s truly determined to dig his way out.

The Scottish Terrier’s scrappy attitude makes can make him or her fairly difficult to train. The new Scottish Terrier owner should immediately enroll their terrier puppy into an obedience school, for this terrier breed has an attitude can dominate a household with great skill if he is not taught that the master is the boss. The training must be firm and gentle to avoid breaking his spirit, for nothing so insults a Scottish Terrier as mean treatment.