Nordic Dog Sweater

Nordic Dog Sweater

This Nordic dog sweater will make your dog look like a professional skier in this winter-themed snowflake design. Not only will your pup look amazing but it will be nice and warm on those cold days. If the weather takes a turn for the worse this Nordic sweater also includes a matching navy scarf for extra warmth.

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Yarn Dog Sweater

Tis the season. The season that not only gets you and your dog wonderful Christmas gifts, but also the season that gets to temperatures well below freezing. That’s why this marled yarn dog sweater is perfect for your dog no matter what size it is. It is hemmed for a snug, cozy fit with a ribbed turtleneck and sleeves.

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Smiley Face Dog Sweater

This smiley face dog sweater is one of the cutest items I’ve wrote about yet. Maybe it’s because it looks like a pair of smiley face boxers I have but either way this small dog sweater would look great on any dog. The smile pattern hoodie jacket is made of stretch twill cotton and is manufactured in Japan. It’s thick and warm to keep your small dog from catching a cold, and if really gets cold just pop that hood up for some extra warmth!

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Argyle Dog Sweater Vest

You dog heading to obedience school? Why not show off how sophisticated it is with this 100% washable cashmere argyle sweater vest. This dog sweater comes in unisex colors and styling for the dog who can get a bit chilly on those cool fall / winter nights. This dog sweater is cut for a close but very comfortable fit. Makes even the most rough and scruffy pup a class act as soon as you put it on them. Holds up very well to continuous use and hand washings.

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Argyle Cashmere Dog Sweater Vest

Your dog is going to love this luxurious sweater vest that is actually made from the softest cashmere! This dog sweater vest can be hand wash and easily slips on. Also, it is cut well for boy-pups! You can spoil your small dog yet not spend a fortune to keep your pup warm for those cold weather jaunts! Available in sizes to fit tiny dogs, as well as dogs with top lines up to 16″!

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My Sweeet Cherry Dog Sweater

This hand knit dog sweater is quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Made with soft cotton and personalized details including ribbon and cherry buttons. This designer pet sweater is oh so sweet! You pet will want to lick you to death after receiving such a sweet present.

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nordic dog sweater

This super cute knitted dog sweater will keep dogs nice and warm during cold weather and makes a bold and adorable fashion statement. The Nordic Hooded Knitted Dog Sweater has a clever hooded design, two-tone blue color, and a stylish argyle snowflake pattern will look great on any dog. It’s easy pullover style with ribbed cuffs and rear leg loops provide a comfortable fit for your dog.

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dog cardigan

This acrylic cable-knit cardigan for dogs is totally adorable an has rhinestone buttons down the back over a velcro closure. This dog sweater is easy for dogs to step into. 100% acrylic, this is machine washable dog sweater, best suited for small to medium sized dogs. Perfect fall clothing for your puppy!!

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