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Guide, don’t force. Chihuahuas want to please you. You have to show them what pleases you. If you force a Chihuahua you might bring out that famous stubborn streak.

Keep training sessions short and fun, no longer than 10 to 15 minutes. Begin and end each training session with something your chihuahua does well.

Punishment never works. Chihuahuas seldom require anything but a mild correction.

Emphasize the positive by rewarding your chihuahua for behaviors that please you.

Your Chihuahua will work better for training sessions if they haven’t eaten yet. They will be more responsive to food rewards on an empty stomach.

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Smiley Face Dog Sweater

This smiley face dog sweater is one of the cutest items I’ve wrote about yet. Maybe it’s because it looks like a pair of smiley face boxers I have but either way this small dog sweater would look great on any dog. The smile pattern hoodie jacket is made of stretch twill cotton and is manufactured in Japan. It’s thick and warm to keep your small dog from catching a cold, and if really gets cold just pop that hood up for some extra warmth!

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