Miniature Schnauzers are alert, active, affectionate companions who double as watchdogs – a well bred, trained Miniature Schnauzer barks to warn, but not for recreation. They are house dogs who love the outdoors. Schnauzers need to be part of the family, and are usually found at your feet unless your lap is available. They have a lively intelligence, and a streak of curiosity that could be called just plain “nosy”! They don’t shed, don’t have a ‘doggy’ odor, but do need regular brushing and grooming.

Miniature Schnauzers and several other breeds of dog may be described as ‘hypo-allergenic’. Because they don’t leave hair all over the furniture and carpet, they may cause less problem for some people with allergies or asthma. MS are easy to keep clean, and may have a weekly bath. But they are living creatures, they will carry in dust, grass, or pollen from the back yard, and they love to be close to you. Some people simply will not be able to tolerate the dog itself or whatever gathers on their feet and hair. Min Schnauzers are a house and people dog, and leaving him outdoors is *not* the solution.

A Miniature Schnauzer won’t be as mellow as a Basset Hound, and they’ll have a lot more pep than a Saint Bernard. He’ll greet strange animals with an initial feisty bluff, but gets along well with his friends. Miniature Schnauzers can be great with well behaved children, but they aren’t willing to be hurt by rough handling, child or adult.