take it easy

The Cocker Spaniel would not have become the top dog in the United States unless it had a good temperament. A well-bred Cocker Spaniel is sweet, loyal, playful, trustworthy, easily trained, adaptable which are all things most sought after in a family pet. It needs a moderate amount of exercise and will get pudgy if allowed to be a complete couch potato. Its sensitivity may be its only drawback, for discipline must be gentle or the Cocker Spaniel may get depressed.

Like all other breeds and mixed breeds, Cocker Spaniel should have some obedience training to teach them manners. As sweet as the breed generally is, an untrained Cocker Spaniel can be a handful. Formal classes are not necessary as long as the puppy is gently taught to sit, lie down, stay, and come on command and can walk on a leash without pulling. Lots of Cocker Spaniels like to do tricks and love playing ball as well.