dog biting

Most dogs learn their biting reflexes from their mothers and from their siblings. When your puppy gets excited, whether it is during nursing or playing, the puppy’s mother will find a way to solve it.
Unfortunately, this does not always naturally occur for puppies. Often this is because many puppies are taken away from their mothers while they are still young. This makes the new dog owner responsible to do something about it.

Letting your dog spend time with other dogs is one of the better ways and more effective ways to teach your puppy the appropriate behavior. One way of letting your puppy socialize with other pups is to take him or her to a puppy obedience class if you are financially able or you could always let your puppy play with a friend’s dog as well.

The reason why putting your puppy with other pups is a great way to solve the biting problems is that the other dogs will correct the issue right away if it happens. Keep in mind that puppies will bite one another while playing but it is only when it becomes rough that the other dogs will take corrective action. Experts recommend that you let your puppy socialize with other dogs before the age of 12 weeks.

As well as introducing your puppy to other pets, you should also introduce your puppy to a wide range of people too. This includes small children, seniors, men, women, and people of different ethnic backgrounds. This will help your dog learn to be people-friendly and to be less aggressive to other people.

Socializing your puppy with other people and animals is not the only way to prevent any unwanted aggression from your dog. Give your puppy toys that he can play with so he can control his biting. Provide chew toys, ropes, and other toys that your puppy can chew on because this allows him or her to take out any anger or just bite on something else. As well, keep his teeth polished and do not let him chew on things that he shouldn’t, even if it means punishing him.

Make sure that no one in your family or that visits your home encourages your puppy to bite because training your puppy not to bite is a process. Even if only one person lets him or her chew on something that everyone else does not, this will send the puppy mixed signals and they will think that it is okay to do. However you plan on helping your puppy stop the biting habits, you have to remember that it takes patience!