Should You Get Pet Health Insurance

Maintaining a healthy dog can be very expensive. Especially, if you take the dog to the vet 2 to 5 times a year. From shots to random injuries the cost can become expeditionary high. Although many people may think pet health insurance is an unnecessary expense, health insurance for your pet in the immediate can significantly save you money thereby helping you in times of emergency make decisions of life or death of your pet if serious health issue arise.

Veterinary cost are skyrocketing every day. Unlike regular insurance their is not a government assisted pet insurance program that can be used at a veterinary office. All visits have to be paid for upfront either routine or emergency. This can run into thousands of dollars.

Pet insurance is not as difficult to get as your may think. Just like personal health insurance, pet insurance for your dog has annual premiums and, of course a deductible. The deductible as well as the premium can range from policy to policy. But the rule of thumb is the premium price depends on the dog breed and type of policy. One positive though is if you have more than one pet, you can usually get a discount.

Deductibles typically range around $100 a year. There are many policies to choose from based on your dogs age, breed, lifestyle and preexisting conditions. Some plans cover most everything from annual checkups to vaccinations, spaying, neutering and any medications as well as sickness and, of course accidents. These policies, of course will be the most costly.
[Source: American Chronicle]