Protect Your Pet From Pests

Protect Your Pet From Pests

It’s tough to keep the bugs away, especially if your dog socializes with other dogs that may not be properly protected. “Not all pets are going to have allergies from those but it is going to occur on some of them,” veterinarian Dr. Rob Trupp said. “So they can also chew and scratch and itch themselves to where they will have other issues. They’ll have skin problems. They’ll have allergy problems. They’ll have infections problems, hair loss.”

And it gets worse. “Sometimes they’re itching so badly, they may not even sleep because they’re too busy chewing on themselves,” Trupp said. Fleas can cause other problems, too. They can carry parasites like tapeworms.

The good news is there are plenty of things you can do. “There are different medications you can use. There are simple medications you can put on your pet,” Trupp said. “They’re very very safe. They’re safe for the pets and they’re safe for people too.”

Dr. Trupp does warn that not all of these treatments work the same. Program, for example, only sterilizes the fleas. It doesn’t kill the ones that are already hosting on your precious pet. But it does prevent them from laying eggs. Once a month, Frontline is also a preventative medicine. Capstar, on the other hand, kills the fleas on the pet at that time, but doesn’t prevent new ones from coming on.

The best choice for your dog is a decision between you and your vet. Just make sure you’re covering all your bases to keep your furry friend protected.

[Source: KTKA ABC 49 News]