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Your Dog Can Guide You To Love

Your Dog Can Guide You To Love

Going outside with your dog can lead to more than just a healthier lifestyle and a better bond with your pet — it can lead to romance. “I wanted to have social opportunities with my dog,” said Angie Gwiazdon, owner of K9-Connection, a Minneapolis-based canine networking program. Gwiazdon created a program that allows dog lovers and dogs to meet like-minded people, share some food and get to know one another in a no-pressure, fun atmosphere.

Where To Meet Dog Lovers
Wood offers a bit of advice to men seeking women who love dogs. “Shelters are full of kind women who volunteer their time. It’s paradise for a single man,” she said. You can also meet like-minded people at the dog park, doggie day care or simply around your own neighborhood.

Let Your Dog Lead The Way
Your dog can help you meet someone if you take a daily walk and see someone on a similar excursion. “Start moving in the direction of the other person,” said Gwiazdon. Your dog will then be able to lead you the rest of the way to the individual. Dogs are very good at picking up subtle changes in your path. “Compliment the dog, not the owner,” said Gwiazdon. That canine compliment can get the ball rolling for some human interaction. It helps avoid the awkwardness that can sometimes follow a compliment between two unacquainted people. As you chat, it becomes easier to let someone know that you’re not only interested in the dog but seeking to learn more about the owner as well. You may even get a phone number out of the exchange.

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