house training dogs

Thinking about getting a new puppy or currently own a little puppy? Then this information will come in handy. House training your dog is one of the first things you should be doing. It is the most important aspect of training your dog as a puppy. While this process is usually not hard, take it seriously. You should always remember to take it slow because it will not happen immediately. If you rush the training process you may end up having to restart the whole process.

When the owner is not at home, the puppy should be placed in a small room at all times and all of the floor should be covered with paper. It is very important to puppy-proof the room , which means that you should remove any items that could cause injury to your puppy. At first, the puppy will likely dispose of waste at a random spot in the room and they will likely play with the papers, chew them etc. This is normal and you should not punish your puppy for it. Always clean up any mess that the puppy makes each day and place new ones down.

While the puppy is in the small room when you are not at home, due to using the paper training method he will began to get used to using the bathroom on the papers. After some time goes by he will choose to try other places to use the bathroom. When he establishes a favorite spot you should slowly take away the paper from there. Start to remove papers that are farther away from that spot then move on to laying down just a few papers. If your dog misses the paper when using the washroom it means that you need to make the area a little bit bigger as you reduced the spot too much. After your puppy is comfortable with doing his business on the same spot all the time you can most the papers to a area of your choice. Only move the paper up to an inch a day. If the puppy misses the papers, it means again that they are not ready to make a little move from spot to spot. It is important to not rush this process. If this happens then you can just move the papers back and wait a while.

The more time that you are able to spend with your puppy, the faster that he or she will be house trained. The main goal should be to bring your puppy with you to the toilet area to use the bathroom every time that he needs to go. Most of the time, your puppy will either need to go every 45 minutes or in most instances, right after each time he plays, after he just wakes up, or right after he eats or drinks.

When your puppy gets used to the toilet area and he starts to improve his bladder and bowel control, he will be able to spend longer time outside and a longer time on his own or playing. It is important that this transition is a slow process and that you don’t rush anything. Do not leave the puppy alone unless he is in his the originally specified room.