Best iPhone Apps for Dog Lovers

iphone dog apps

1. Off Leash – Eukanuba’s “Off Leash” app locates the five nearest to your location and provides driving directions to get there.

2. Cesar Says – The “Cesar Says” Dog Whisperer app offers sound bites from the famous pack leader, while a tap or shake of the phone will generate Millan’s trademark “tsst!” warning noise.

3. Dog First Aid – This app will help you with what to do until you can get some proper veterinary help. Offering fast and clear advice for the most common dog emergencies.

4. PetMinder – PetMinder schedules reminders for events related to your pet, such as vaccinations, grooming, training sessions, play dates and more, with e-mail reminders.

5. Pet Services Finder – Pet Services Finder will help you find all things mutt, such as dog walkers, sitters, groomers, vets and even pet-friendly hotels with the ability to search via zip codes and see reviews of the services from other users.

6. Dog Tricks – Best of 101 Dog Tricks – Dog training is easier with an app on your phone with a dog log of training activities.