anatolian shepherd puppy

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a flock guardian dog breed from Turkey. Like many other livestock guardian dog breeds the Anatolian Shepherd dog has been bred for thousands of years in its native country of Turkey. As a livestock protection dog the Anatolian Shepherd in the past would have had to protect its wards against formidable foes such as lions, wolves and bears. Thus by necessity the Anatolian Shepherd dog had to be large in size and fleet of foot in order to be able to patrol a large flock of sheep covering a sizable area especially when the alarm was sounded.

The precise origins of the Anatolian Shepherd dog are not properly known but it is believed that this large dog breed is descended from a cross mix of Roman war dogs, mastiffs and the indigent flock guardians that were native to Turkey. Since as far back as 7000 B.C. man has owned domestic animals thus flock guardians are some of the oldest of all dog breeds.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Temperament

Like most flock guardian dog breeds the Anatolian Shepherd is a big and independent minded dog. In other words the Anatolian Shepherd is not the type of dog that will eagerly participate in frivolous pursuits such as playing fetch and indulging the whims of its human companions. However as with all dogs any interaction with children, especially little children, should be carefully monitored. Also be aware that though the Anatolian Shepherd dog may be very compliant and trustworthy around kids within the family the same may not apply for friends because as far as the dog is concerned they are not part of its family.