Paris Hilton-style Chihuahuas Most Costly Dog

Chihuahua owners can fork out almost $90,000 on pampering their pooches during the lifetime of the diminutive dogs. The cost of owning the world’s smallest breed of dog, a favourite with celebrites like Paris Hilton, Britnety Spears and Sharon Osbourne, far exceeds its larger cousins – a statistic that tells us much about the Chihuahua’s owners.

According to research carried out by the pet insurers esure, Chihuahua owners are twice as likely as keepers of other breeds to buy fresh meat, vegetables and gravy for their pets. They also have a weakness for spoiling their dogs by giving them jeweled collars, designer doggie outfits or personalised beds.

The total bill, including vet costs, food, grooming, kennels and insurance came to $6,081-per-year, working out at $88,691 during a Chihuahua’s 13-year lifespan. The average spent on other types of breed was $31,000, the equivalent of $2,388 a year.

“Today’s household pets are treated more like members of the family and this new attitude is reflected in the amount owners spend on their pet’s life style,” said Mike Pickard, the head of pet insurance at esure. One fifth of owners faced a larger financial challenge because they owned more than one dog.

The greyhound was the second most expensive breed with a lifetime bill of $82,797 followed by the mastiff, which costs $81,619. The boxer was fourth at $49,896 while the English setter was just behind at $49,548. The research found that vets fees, food and kennels were the most expensive outgoings in that order.