Tips For Bullmastiffs

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Never let your Bullmastiff outside alone unless he’s safely behind a fence or in a kennel run. When you take your Bullmastiff out, the safes practice is to keep him leashed. If you leave your Bullmastiff at home alone, particularly as a puppy, the safest place for him is in a crate. That way he won’t be able to knock things over or chew through electric cords.

Bullmastiffs can’t properly exercise on their own. If you don’t take your Bullmastiff out of the house or backyard, they will not get the mental and physical stimulation they need. Owners are advised to brush their Bullmastiff’s teeth with specially formulated toothpaste at least once a week and have them cleaned professionally when needed. This helps prevent tooth and gum problems as well as infections, abscesses and heart disease.