Adopting A Greyhound Dog


Greyhound puppies are extremely difficult to get. If you do get a Greyhound puppy, expect to pay between $2000 to $3000. They are like any other breed of puppies — high energy, lots of work, and requires lots of time and energy — unlike the adult Greyhounds.

Not all adoption groups are capable for pairing up a retired racing Greyhound with the adopter. All adoption groups have the great intention and action of rescuing retired racing Greyhounds off the track; however, not all are skilled and competent in training the retired racing Greyhound for civilian life; and, the lack of skill and competence in this area will lessen the chances of success for the adopter and the retired racing Greyhound in having a long and lasting relationship – most likely, the adopter will return the retired racing Greyhound back to the adoption group – this is not good for the dog.

It’s extremely important to work with an adoption group that has an adoption process, such as the process listed in this page. The adoption process will increase the chances of a successful relationship with a retired racing Greyhound who is fresh off the track. When a process is in place, the process will affect the element of time; hence, a typical time line for an adoption can vary from several days to several months, depending upon the adopter’s needs and the dogs that are currently in the care of the adoption group.