rottweiler puppy

Make sure your Rottweiler knows that you are the Alpha dog.

Never give your Rottweiler treats or a new toy just because they look cute.

Teaching your Rottweiler the “Leave It” or “Drop It” command early on helps keep your Rottweiler safe. Often they curiously pick up anything in their path and it can be quite poisonous or harmful to their mouth.

Rottweilers are famous for testing their owners over and over – especially when they’re puppies. If they try to get up on the couch once and you say “NO” they’ll wait a while and try it again. If you allow them to get up on the couch (or another family member allows it) the second time, watch out.

If your puppy bites turn to him immediately and give him the “sit” command. Take your forefinger and hold it up in front of his nose, then tap him on the nose and say “no bite” in a stern tone of voice.

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