german shepherd puppies

German Shepherds love their families and are very loyal and protective, which makes them popular choices. They are very eager and alert. They have a high capacity for learning, are obedient and cheerful and are eager to please.

German Shepherds should not be left alone for long periods of time. They must be socialized and firmly obedience trained from an early age and onward throughout their entire lives. A very firm yet loving attitude is necessary. Usually, Shepherds are not barkers but will bark as a warning of perceived danger.

The German Shepherd Dog does not give affection lightly; they display serious loyalty and fidelity, especially to its owner or main caretaker.
German Shepherds are used for guard work and search and rescue because they are fearless, direct, calm, confident, and intelligent. Aggression and attacks are usually a result of poor breeding or poor adjustment, handling, or training.

German Shepherds tend to have more dominant personalities than some breeds. Classes are extremely helpful. A German Shepherd Dog that thinks it’s the Alpha member of the pack can be difficult to handle or have as a family member.

As a family dog, your German Shepherd will enjoy obedience, agility, flyball, and various tracking activities.

be sure to do extensive research before getting a German Shepherd. Know the pups parents and any other relatives to make sure of the personality. Sadly, some breeders offer shy and nervous Alsatians for sale. These dogs should be avoided at all costs as they can be dangerous. Also, assess the diseases in the lineage.

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german shepherd puppy

German Shepherds must have regular opportunities to vent their energy and do interesting things. Otherwise they will become rambunctious and bored — which they usually express by destructive chewing. Bored German Shepherds can make a shambles of your house and yard. Most German Shepherds have protective instincts toward strangers. They need extensive exposure to friendly people so they learn to recognize the normal behaviors of those they trust. Then they can recognize the difference when someone acts abnormally. Without careful socialization, they may be suspicious of everyone, which could lead to biting. Some German Shepherds go in the opposite direction — without enough socialization, they become fearful of strangers, which can lead to defensive biting.

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german shepard puppy

For active families who are looking for a versatile pet, German shepherd dogs must be on top of your choices. They can be a house pet and at the same time they can also be a working dog as guard or police dog. It is known to all that German shepherd dogs are popular police dogs and rescuers. However, their gentle character is one of the reasons why they can be great pets to kids, too. With the right training, they can blend well with people in a household and even perform the duties of a guard dog at the same time.

This is quite contrary to the common impression that German shepherds are fierce dogs. The characters of a German shepherd dog would generally say that this breed is extremely intelligent, quick to learn, and loyal to his master. If you are well-versed about this breed, you can maximize this dog’s potentials to your benefit. Choosing a German shepherd as your family pet may depend on the type of lifestyle that you live and your purpose of getting a pet. They need ample of daily exercise to release their energies. If they are not given enough time to exercise outdoors, they tend to be overexcited and restless.
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Dog Follows Marine Master 70 Miles

A wiry German shepherd-border collie mix was the dog Maj. Brian Dennis took a liking to. His nubby ears had been cut off as a puppy so Dennis named him “Nubs.” Dennis found Nubs with a deep puncture wound on his left side. He later learned the injury was inflicted by a screwdriver. He helped nurse the dog back to health.

The time came, however, for Dennis’ unit to relocate 70 miles from Nubs’ home fort. As always, Nubs sprinted alongside the Hummers as they pulled away for what Dennis assumed was the last time he would see the dog. Two days later, Nubs wandered in below-freezing conditions into Dennis’ new camp, surprising the Marine unit.”When he arrived he looked like he’d just been through a war zone. Well, he had,” Dennis wrote. Nubs’ incredible journey forced the Marine’s hand, and Dennis and his fellow Marines unanimously decided to keep the animal.

“This dog who had been through a lifetime of fighting, war, abuse, and had tracked down our team over 70 miles of harsh desert was going to live the good life,” Dennis wrote. Nubs is not the only dog befriended by an American soldier to earn a trip out of Iraq. Army Sgt. Peter Neesley found two dogs while on patrol during his second tour of duty in Iraq — Mama, a Labrador mix, and her puppy, Boris.

But tragedy struck when the 28-year-old sergeant died in his Baghdad barracks in Christmas, the cause of which remains unknown. His family decided one way to ease the grief would be to transport the dogs home. “It’s second to having Peter come home on his own,” the soldier’s sister said. “If we can’t have Peter, then at least we can have his dogs.”

Dennis could be home from Iraq as early as March, his mother said. The dog no longer will have to contend with fighting to survive in the war-torn country, Dennis wrote in an e-mail, but instead will get to bask in the sun on the sunny beaches of San Diego. “He’s supposed to be this big, tough Marine, but he’s really a softy.”
[Source: ABC News]

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Cameron Diaz Rescues Neighbor’s Injured Dog

Hollywood star Cameron Diaz reportedly rescued an injured German Shepherd dog at the weekend.

According to People magazine, the actress took the injured animal to her home, where she cared for it, while her assistant posted notices about the dog.

A source told the magazine: “Diaz brought the dog in her house and gave it some food and water.”

“Her assistant posted a ‘found German shepherd’ sign and [the dog’s owner] – Diaz’s neighbor who was driving around the area – came across it.”

Diaz’s representative said: “Cameron and a friend were involved in returning an injured dog to its owner.”

[Source: RTE Entertainment]

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German Shepards On The Front Line

With tiny cameras fixed to their heads, German Shepards will be sent in before their human partners to hunt for insurgent hideouts.

The cameras will broadcast live images back to the troops as the dogs penetrate behind enemy lines and warn of ambushes.

According to The Sun, the dogs will be trained to accompany soldiers on what are called ‘High Altitude High Opening’ parachute jumps, after which they may have to travel 20 miles to their targets.

It is hoped the technique will reduce the level of danger to SAS soldiers, three of whom have been shot dead during raids in Iraq in two years.

An SAS source told the newspaper: “The dogs will be exposed to very high levels of danger on these operations and you never know what’s going to be behind a door. Nobody wants to see the dogs get killed but if it’s their life or a man’s it is obvious which the CO would prefer.”

The elite American unit, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, commonly known as Delta Force, has pioneered the parachute technique from heights over 20,000ft and its instructors have reportedly been sent over to 22 SAS headquarters in Hereford.

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