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If dogs could play poker, I think it’s fairly obvious that a bulldog would win. They have the best poker face. If I were a bulldog playing poker, I would try to play against a bunch of dalmations – they seem to be the most simple minded of all the dog breeds, and I’d take em for all they had. I’d be worried about going head to head with a Jack Russell though – those little guys are wily, and probably excellent bluffers. I would have to find one of those best online poker deals sites to practice on, and a computer keyboard that could handle my paws. In time….in time.

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Hollywood’s (Unlikely) Hot Dog

Hollywood’s most popular dog right now is an unexpected breed, one that has famous owners ranging from Samantha Ronson to Adam Sandler. It’s the English bulldog.

How much is an English bulldog? You can have one of these trendy canines, which come complete with frequent breathing problems and the occasional snoring habit for the Hollywood price tag of…

About $1,000 to $2,000! That is the average price of a purebred bulldog pup. For that sum, you can get the whole package: the adorable squashed face, the bat ears (in the case of a French bulldog) and the chocolate brown eyes.

SamRo’s English bulldog is named Cadillac. Legend has one called Puddy. And Adam Sandler has had three: the late Meatball and Matzoball, and a newer English bulldog named Babu. (You can see photos and video of the dogs on Sandler’s official site.)

“Some English bulldogs are very energetic,” according to L.A. Dogworks president Andrew Rosenthal. “Others are kind of laid-back. French bulldogs are out of their minds. When we have a bunch of them in our dog park, they all hang out together. I call them the French mafia. But the English are more like dopey troublemakers.”

[Source: E! Online]

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