Between Baths Dog Spritz


This all natural spray is both a dog cologne and insect repellent. Pure essential oils leave a pleasant aroma while naturally repelling bugs and fleas away from your dog’s fur. Use the spritz between baths to keep your dog smelling clean and bug-free. Between Baths Spritz is available in two scents, Lavender and Eucalyptus — both are calm and refreshing. Another lovely grooming product from dog experts, Cain and Able.

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Cain and Able Dog Paw Rub

cain able paw rub

This all-natural dog skin conditioner brings lots of wonderful nutrients to your dog’s fur to moisturize, hydrate, and detangle. Aloe, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and pure essential oils leave your dog’s coat soft and shiny. The dog conditioner rub contains citronella and essential oils to naturally repel bugs and fleas while providing aromatherapy benefits. Your dog will love this fabulous grooming product!

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Happy Tails Fur Butter

happy tails fur butter

This super-rich conditioning treatment covers your dog in healing moisture. All natural shea butter helps bring back shine to a damaged coat, restoring softness and manageability. Your dog’s coat is left silky smooth and easy to brush through. Happy Tails Fur Butter also helps to heal your dog’s dry and itchy skin with powerful ingredients like oatmeal, comfrey and aloe. A great grooming product for your dog!

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