Blue Floral Dog Bed

Blue Floral Dog Bed

This beautiful indoor / outdoor bed resists stains, is moisture repellent, and will hold up amazingly to the toughest environments. The baffled insert is perfect for larger dogs who need some orthopedic support. Your dog will love you for the good nights sleep it gets!

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Black and Tan Dog Futon

Black Tan Dog Futon

Let your dog enjoy a good night sleep in style. These dog futons are designed to fit standard sized crates but can be used in the car or at home. This dog futon is absolutely beautiful, very comfortable, and totally practical! They are made from 100% cotton-covered futon fabric that zip off and are machine washable. They also fold or roll for easy transport.

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Big Sky Dog Bed

Big Sky Dog Bed

Whether you own a small Jack Russell Terrier or a big Bullmastiff look no further than this wonderful Big Sky Bed made in Montana. The Big Sky dog beds are made from fine Faux Suede and are orthopedic beds that are style and comfort coupled with the ultimate in ease of care. The quilted cover is enhanced with beautiful black piping on both top and bottom, with a texture that makes brushing pet hair off a breeze. If it needs a little more attention, the zippered opening allows easy access to remove the lofty inner pillow to machine wash and dry whenever desired.

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Black and White Curls Dog Bed

Black and White Dog Bed

You dog will have a better night sleep then you will on this cute black and white dog bed. This doggy bed combines a beautiful fabric with white curls on a black background and a leather bone logo plus a guaranteed, completely machine washable, 100% cotton feather down interior and a cover that is stain and odor resistant.

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Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Dog Bed

weatherproof dog bed

The Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Dog Bed resists weather, mildew and wear. This Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed has a durable polyester cover and soft polyester filling that resist mildew, sunlight, moisture and stains – ideal for doghouses, kennels, decks or in the house. Solid colors on one side reverse to plaid on the other.

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Two-Tier Plush Dog Sofa

plush dog sofa

The Two Tier Plush Dog Sofa takes its name from the double support that is engineered into the stylish design. The density, thickness, and hardness of the foam are specially crafted to create a second tier of support, both under and around the removable cushion. Not only is this dog sofa extremely comfortable, it will also be a great looking addition to your home decor.

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Heated Rectangular Dog Bed

heated dog bed

Heat can help older dogs stay active and healthy and the low-level therapeutic warmth in this heated dog bed provides comfort that helps reduce sore joints and muscles, stimulate circulation and improve the activity level in dogs. The heated dog bed works like no other to evenly distribute warm, comforting heat throughout the pad. The soft and durable microsuede cover is water and stain resistant.

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White Designer Pet Crate

white pet crate

With the Designer Pet Crate in White, you’ll be spoiling your pup with a cozy place to hang out while adding a stylish piece of modern furniture to your living space. The sleek and smooth design is an attractive addition to any room, and the designer pet dog crate is available in four great colors, including mint, black and red, so it’s sure to seamlessly blend into any home.

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Dog Bag Pet House

dog bag pet house

This portable dog home offers a tough pop-up frame that allows you to easily take it anywhere you go. Using integrated sprung steel loops to provide structure and stability, your dog will adore the safety and comfort the Dog Bag provides. The Dog Bag Pet House is available in four sizes so you can be sure there is a pet house for your dog too.

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Zen Hideaway Pet Dog Bed

zen hideaway pet bed

The Small Zen Hideaway Dog Bed will give your pet everything and for simply having around the house, this dog bed is a great-looking accent to any home. Designed with both your pet and home in mind, a modern two-sided microfiber cover allows you either a blue swirl design on one side, or an classic tan on the other, keeping your pup comfy without having to sacrifice your home’s decor.

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