chow chow puppy

The Chow Chow is generally a very well-mannered dog and quite good with kids. If they get to know cats and other household animals when they are young, they will get along with them when they are adults. They must be extensively socialized preferably when they are young. Chow Chows need strong authority and training right from the start. Whether you are adopting a puppy or an adult dog, owners need to set the rules in which the dog must follow and stick to them. This very dominant breed requires a dominant owner. The owner of this breed of dog should be a calm person who is firm, confident, and consistent.

With such an owner, the Chow Chow can develop well. The problems arise when the dog lives with owners who do not stay in the alpha position. This dog can be willful, protective, bossy, serious and will independently work at keeping his alpha position in your human pack. He is not being mean, he is just telling you in the way dogs communicate with one another that he gets to decide when and how things are done. He will be self-willed may be over-protective. When you have a Chow Chow who believes he is the boss, and strangers push themselves on this dog, he may become aggressive=. Space means a lot to a dog. It is respect in the dog world.

Alpha Chow Chows will often be a one-person dog, very loyal to his family, though he may act reserved, even with them. Alpha Chow Chows like to dominate other dogs. A Chow Chow who is not 100% convinced humans are the boss, will be harder to obedience train. The Chow will feel he needs to be deciding what and when, to do things, not the human, as humans must listen to him. These are not Chow Chow traits, they are instinctual behaviors, resulting in meek human authority over the dog. If you would like to own a dog, make sure you, and the rest of your family know how to be alpha. All family members, and other humans around the dog must be higher in the pecking order, than the dog. This breed can be quite a handful with passive owners, but take the very same dog and put him with an owner who has natural authority and he will be polite, patient and well rounded, making an excellent family dog.

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