Basic Chihuahua Care

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Caring for Chihuahuas can be a lot of fun and if you do it right you can greatly increase the quality of life your Chihuahua has. Basic Chihuahua care is not difficult and with a little knowledge about what to do, you can keep them healthy for a long time.

Today Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog recognized by the American Kennel Club. Because of their small size when caring for Chihuahuas you have to careful when you are bathing them. Since they have such a small body mass, they have trouble maintaining their body heat when wet, so as soon as you get done bathing them be sure to thoroughly dry them off with some towels.

Also after bathing them it is a good time to trim their toenails. After bathing them their toenails are softer than normal. The best way to trim a Chihuahua’s toenails are with a guillotine type toenail clippers. You can get this type of clipper from most pet stores. Also while trimming dog nails you will want to have a bottle of Kwik Stop powder available in case you trim too far back and hit the quick. The quick is an area of the toenail where there is the blood supply to the nail. If you cut into the quick there will be bleeding. By directly applying the Quick Stop powder you can stop the bleeding rapidly.

When you first get your Chihuahua it is also a good idea to pet proof your house. To start this, survey your house, garage, and yard for anything you think might be a danger for your dog. Wrap electrical cords or hide them out of the way. Cleaners and chemicals should be stored in a closed cabinet. Plants that are toxic to dogs should be placed in an area where the dogs cannot reach them. Remember Chihuahuas are very curious animals and are constantly exploring their environment, so be proactive when pet proofing your house. Also when caring for Chihuahuas, once a month it is a good idea to give them a quick little physical exam. You don’t have to be a veterinarian to be able to do a rudimentary physical exam. Start at the head and examine the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth for signs of redness or drainage, which could be signs of infection. Run your hands all over the body to check for any lumps or masses. By doing this simple little physical exam every month you will learn a lot more about your Chihuahua.

Chihuahuas may be one of the oldest breeds of dogs but they are also one of the most delicate despite their temperament. Take caution when caring for Chihuahuas and they can live a long healthy life.

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Mickey Rourke’s New PETA Poster

US actor Mickey Rourke appears with his Chihuahua, Jaws, in People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ new spay and neuter ad campaign.

“Have the cojones to fix your dog,” Rourke, pictured holding Jaws in his arms, says in the print ad. “When dogs get knocked up, puppies get put down because there aren’t enough homes for them.”

“I became a little more aware of how many dogs are abandoned or put to sleep each week — it’s staggering,” quoted “The Wrestler” star as saying in a video posted on PETA’s Web site.

Rourke famously thanked all of his dogs — “the ones that are here and the ones that aren’t here anymore” — when he took the stage to accept his Golden Globe for best actor Sunday night.

“Sometimes when a man is alone, that’s all you’ve got is your dog,” he noted. “They meant the world to me.”

[Source: Market Watch]

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Guide, don’t force. Chihuahuas want to please you. You have to show them what pleases you. If you force a Chihuahua you might bring out that famous stubborn streak.

Keep training sessions short and fun, no longer than 10 to 15 minutes. Begin and end each training session with something your chihuahua does well.

Punishment never works. Chihuahuas seldom require anything but a mild correction.

Emphasize the positive by rewarding your chihuahua for behaviors that please you.

Your Chihuahua will work better for training sessions if they haven’t eaten yet. They will be more responsive to food rewards on an empty stomach.

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Great Danes and Chihuahuas – Most Destructive Dogs

The average Great Dane cost its owners $1200.00 over its lifetime in stained carpets, wrecked furniture and chewed cables, while chihuahuas notch up an impressive $1300.00 dollars worth of damage.

Mastiffs came third, costing their owners $1100.00 over a lifetime while Basset Hounds were found to cause $1100.00 of damage on average. Finishing off the top five is the Whippet, which will leave a trail of destruction totaling $1000.00. Other dogs with wrecking tendencies include English Setters, Bulldogs, Dachshunds and Boxers.

Among horror stories that emerged in the study was one about a Great Dane who thought the patio doors he was hurtling towards were open and knocked them straight out of the wall. Another owner told how his Border Collie’s wagging tail knocked over a large glass of red wine onto a cream carpet, two days after it had been laid at a cost of $6000.00.

Mike Pickard, Head of Risk and Underwriting at esure pet insurance, said a dog’s destructive tendencies comes down to boredom. “To help minimize your dog’s destructive behavior, remember to house train them from a very early age, maintain their health with regular vet check-ups, and give them plenty of exercise,” he said.

How much money has your dog cost you in damages?


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