cute boxer puppy

Boxer dogs can follow instructions like “sit” and “come” when the still quite young. When you give them these commands early on, you make it easier on yourself to discipline it and form an bond. There are common guidelines and fundamental rules that should be followed so your boxer pup will learn all you need it to learn much faster. You also want to avoid confusing the boxer. Remember, if you give a command, the puppy needs to know that the response should be immediate and not made later on.

Any training and quality time you give your boxer puppy it will remember. When you are training your puppy, you want to remain unswerving. Your boxer puppy will not always obey your commands (even though it should), yet you should not punish it if it does not. If you can, bribery in the forms of treats and rewards should be used when your pup does obey your command. When the boxer puppy follows your command, give it some praise too. Your goal is to move forward with the commands so do not use any negative techniques that make any sort of circumstances worse. As your boxer gets older, increase his obedience training.

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